Shawn K. Jain’s performance as Nazrullah is nearly perfect. Jain’s stranger in both “worlds” is charming, funny, and empathetic.”


Jain's nuanced performance gives Nazrullah a magnetic quality, a combination of warmth, intelligence, and empathy that makes him the playwright's moral messenger without being a scold.”


Allergy took us to a future earth, inhabited not by humans, though they look human enough, but by galaxy hopping nomads in quest of a new homeland. All that’s left of earth are the appliances: sewing machine, telephone, vegetable steamer. Everyone is happy with earth but Len, played stoically by Shawn Jain.”


“A charming young refugee, Nazrullah, brilliantly played by Shawn K. Jain, shows up at the home of retired University of Nebraska professor, Harold Banks (Ken Batlin).”


“[Sean Daniels, Merrimack Repertory Theatre Artistic Director] pointed out that “Bingley [another major character] is played by an Indian actor – and once again, it’s just because I find few actors in the world funnier than Shawn!”

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“Naz (portrayed with equal parts humor and gravitas by the gifted Shawn K. Jain) shows up on Harold’s doorstep with a message from Getee (ably played by the perky Caitlin Nasema Cassidy).”

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Jain and Cassidy expertly portray, in both English and Dari, the tumultuous emotions of young people finding their identities and their hearts.”


“Shawn Jain shines in various roles, including a Brahmin in 3 movement sequences around the fire ritual. He plays the Hunter Nittilai’s Husband who participates in her murder, and most importantly he appears as the God Indra at the end of the play to offers Arvasu whatever he wants. He can bring dead souls back to life. Ultimately he starts the rain after a seven year drought.”